Site Updates and the Latest Local News

Greetings, fellow adventurers. This page will give you an overall progress report on the site and will point you toward the sections of the site which I have most recently updated.

The Local News in Acapulco

We now have a forum dedicated to Acapulco News and Current Events.

Recent Updates

• Our forum is usually lively, especially the Talk About Acapulco and Hotel Questions sections. We now have quite a few members who are familiar with the city, so you can get a lot of different perspectives by reading through posts on many different subjects.

• Directory of embassy, emergency, and government telephone numbers.

• Added detailed information and photos for twenty of the Hotels in our directory.

• Added fifty new Villas and Condos to the real estate section of our site.

• The first page (almost) entirely in Spanish - Bienes Raíces en Acapulco!

• TWO new issues of The Acapulco Insider.

Travel Acapulco Forum - share travel tips & stories; meet travelers & locals!

Celebrity Interviews - meet famous local people whom you will probably recognize.

• I changed the colors of the site so that you wouldn't go blind reading it. Goodbye yellow!

Fine Dining Guide - added information for more of the best places to dine in Acapulco.

Real Estate - a comprehensive guide to finding property in Acapulco, with photos.

Mexico - added key attractions and lodging information for other famous Mexican cities.

Beaches - added more photos and details for the most popular beaches in Acapulco.

Tours - we now offer the best tours in Acapulco, provided by a trusted and reliable local tour company; read about 9 new tours and book your reservations online!

Five Star Luxury Hotels - added pages and pictures of the most luxurious five star hotels in Acapulco.

Resort Hotels - added individual pages for the city's best resorts; added more choices for making online hotel reservations at various discount travel sites.

Updates in Progress

All Sections: Making the most complete, honest, and useful travel guide for Acapulco is my primary project for the next year, so check back often for regular updates to this site.

Photos: I decided to take all the photos myself, except for the hotels and realty sections. So, you will see how Acapulco really looks and won't be surprised when you get here.

Spanish: Naturally, I am planning to translate this site into Spanish. As my own Spanish is not yet good enough and I live on a budget, I need to find someone who will do an excellent job and work for peanuts. If you know someone who may be interested and (preferably) lives in Acapulco (or at least in Mexico), please let me know.

Businesses: If you would like your business or organization included in our travel guide, please visit our Advertisers page for more information.