Shopping in Acapulco, Mexico

Depending where you do your shopping and how good your bargaining skills are, you can return home from your vacation with bags of treasures from all over Mexico. The best arts and crafts are made in other parts of Mexico, but as a tourist destination, many of these find their way to Acapulco. The prices are somewhat higher than if you purchased them at the source, but if you do not have time for a side trip to Taxco, Ixtapa, or Tepoztlan (or MANY other Mexican cities) you can buy some great gifts and souvenirs in Acapulco.

Mexican Souvenirs

Fermin: If you want a great selection of quality gifts, souvenirs, jewelry, t-shirts, and sombreros and want great prices without having to bargain, stop by Fermin's shop near the La Diana circle in La Condesa. There are many other souvenir shops in this area, but you will probably get the best prices from Fermin.

Artisans' Mall: An open-air mall located across from Plaza Bahia, you can find many inexpensive arts and crafts and souvenirs strolling through the many aisles. You will have to test your bargaining skills here because the prices are not posted (and even if they were, you should still bargain). I'm no expert, but one common strategy is to start at 1/3 of the asking price. . . another strategy is to end at 1/3. Basically, it seems to me that arts & crafts seem to go for about half of what they would in the US, Canada, or Europe.

Zocalo: This is the older part of the city of Acapulco (not a mall). If you walk around enough, you will find hundreds of shops selling all kinds of gifts, crafts, jewelry, clothing, and just about anything else you can imagine. It's best to shop here during the daytime.

Malls in Acapulco

La Gran Plaza: Every taxi will know where this mall is, conveniently located along the "Costera". It's probably very similar to the mall in your hometown, with similar stores and prices. You won't find many bargains here, but it's the largest mall in Acapulco, has a decent movie theatre and a food court.

Gallerias Diana: Smaller than La Gran Plaza, but nicer shops in general and a Starbucks in the center. Also has a regular and VIP cinema. Located at the La Diana traffic circle.

Plaza Bahia: Smaller than La Gran Plaza, you will find a slightly larger selection of Mexican goods at Plaza Bahia, which is also located along the "Costera". It also has a smaller cinema, and some rough pool tables and a bowling alley upstairs.

Jewelry Stores in Acapulco

B & B Jewelers: B & B has a shop located in Plaza Bahia, but if you want to see where they make the jewelry and choose from a wide selection of jewelry including gold, silver, Mexican fire opals, and other precious stones, your best bet is to visit their shop inside Park "Papagayo". Ask the taxi driver to take you to "Parque Papagayo junta a la Joyería" (next to the jeweler's shop), enter the park, and take your first right.

Furniture Stores

Here is a list and some reviews of furniture stores in Acapulco.

Art and Artists in Acapulco

Eduardo Medina Havlicek: One of Acapulco's premier artists, you can visit Eduardo's gallery in Plaza Bahia (see above). The exclusive and beautiful Villa Vera resort has hosted several of Eduardo's expositions, the latest of which was entitled "La Odisea de Havlicek". We will be featuring more of his work (primarily acrylic on canvas) on Travel Acapulco in the near future, so check back soon.

More art galleries, Mexican crafts, and weekly live performances can be all found at the Acapulco Cultural Center, which is a group of small buildings off the Costera near the Hyatt Regency and Cinemark.

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