Tarascos Tacos

There are quite a few Tarascos restaurants in Acapulco and hundreds of similar restaurants serving roasted pork tacos and other yummy foods to the delight of hungry carnivores. You can order several different types of tacos which come with sides of radish, limes, onions, and salsas. The trick to eating these tacos is to pile everything on them and to order a glass of "Agua Orchata" (sweet rice water) or a beer (all drinks cost around US$1). Tarascos is open until late in the evening and is good cure for the munchies. A safe bet is ordering "una orden", which is simply "one order of 5 pork tacos", which costs around US$2. You can also order a heaping pile of meat (cheese is optional) with tortillas for around US$4. The "Al Pastor Con Queso" (pork tacos w/ cheese) are delicious.

Tarascos, Acapulco   Tacos, Pastor, Queso, Agua, Orchata

Locations: Costa Azul, Rodrigo De Triana (near La Diana), Cuauhtemoc (near Sears), More

Menu Items: Tacos (pork, beef, chicken, cheese, peppers, mushrooms, onions, and any combination thereof). All orders come with a selection of spicy condiments.


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