The Best Acapulco Restaurants

I have tried to cover a representative sample of Acapulco restaurants in this guide so that you can find cheap food and traditional Mexican cuisine as well as the finest dining establishments. Most taxis or the concierge at your hotel will know of these restaurants by name, or at least by general location. I will be adding restaurant reviews to this guide on a regular basis, so check back again before (or during) your trip.

Directory of Restaurants by Price Category

Fine Dining in Acapulco - US$50-100 for two persons including drinks.

Moderately Priced Restaurants - US$20-40 for two persons without drinks.

Good Cheap Places to Eat - tasty fast food for under $10 per person.

Traditional Mexican Food

Restaurants, Acapulco  

Tacos: Mexican tacos are different than those you will find in your home town. They are usually "Al Pastor" (sliced pork) on tiny tortillas. They may not be good for your waistline, but they are cheap and delicious. You will recognize a restaurant specializing in tacos by the giant pillar of sliced pork roasting over an open flame near the entrance to the restaurant. Don't bother asking for a "burrito" (it means "small donkey" in Spanish) or a "gordita" (which means "chubby girl").

Ice Cream in Mexico: How to cool off in Acapulco.

The Mexican Loncheria: Just about anywhere you go, you will see small open-air restaurants along the road (the menu of the day often serves as the sign). These are commonly called "Loncherias". Ask for the "comida corrida" (fast food, or lunch of the day) in the afternoon. It will probably range from US$2 to US$3 and will come with tortillas, beans, rice, salsa, and sometimes a drink. If you want to be safe, a simple rule of thumb is to go to the busier restaurants, but you may miss out on some gems in the process.

Super Quick Reviews of Restaurants in Acapulco

Best Restaurant in Acapulco: Baikal Acapulco
Best Restaurant Value: Linda Vista
Best Tacos in Acapulco: Tacos Tumbras
Best Acapulco Street Vendor: Tortas Diana