More Photos of Palladium Acapulco

(L) Palladium's Bartenders: (left to right) Raquel, Reyna, Enrique, Iván, Stefano, Silverio. Actually, this is only one of the bar crews. It seems that at least 50 staff work each night.

(R) Palladium Staff - Jonathan ("Panque"), Lurs, Daniel, Hector, and two "borrachos".

Excellent Bartenders   Cool Staff

Below: Two photos of the intense silver Aztec dancer, complete with torch and sweat. This is one of the details with separates Palladium from the other discos in Acapulco.

  Fire Dancer   Silver Man  

Ladies' Night at Palladium is Thursday. Ladies pay between US$8 and US$13 depending on the season, and men pay regular price (US$36). This is the second best night to go to the club. Saturdays rule.

Palladium Dance Floor   Groovy Dancers

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