Mandara Acapulco (formerly Enigma)

Mandara has a prime location in Las Brisas. It is a short walk from other discos such as Palladium, Zucca and many fine restaurants. It is also in the same building complex as Siboney and Privado. Unlike the other night clubs which are better on Saturdays, Mandara is more popular on Friday nights. The club is very nice, but it is best suited for couples and groups of people (4+) due to the layout (stadium layout with lots of tables, with the bars in the back). If you want to socialize, get a small table near the bars in back.

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I need to say a few things about the old Enigma, which I miss. It had a darker, more intense and sexy feeling to it, and it was much easier to meet new people there. Enigma was another Acapulco disco worthy of five parrots. While the new Mandara is certainly an elegant and beautiful night club, the new layout is more suited to enjoying the view with your date or for "being seen" in the social elite crowd.

Location: Las Brisas

Best Night(s): Friday, Wednesday & Monday (Ladies Nights), Saturday

Music: Various Dance, Hip Hop!

Layout: "Stadium" Levels with Tables, Two Bars

Show: **There have been reports of the Silver Man coming to Mandara at around 3:00 am!

View: Majestic

Age Range: All Ages

Cover Charge: US$38 (men), US$28 (women)

Includes Drinks: Yes


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