Disco Beach Acapulco

If you come to La Condesa, you can't miss Disco Beach. It is an open-air disco located below One Dollar Bar right on the beach. Once inside you have your choice of sitting at a table, knocking back a few drinks on the beach, or dancing. There are two good reasons to go to Disco Beach: (1) if you want to drink a lot and dance but prefer convenience and casual attire, or (2) for their foam parties on Fridays. Like most other discos in Acapulco, it gets crazy during Spring Break.

Disco Beach, Acapulco   Drinking and Dancing

Location: La Condesa

Best Night(s): Friday, Saturday

Music: Various Dance

Layout: Casual Tables, Bars, Dancing Platforms, and the Beach !

Show: Foam Parties (Fridays)

View: Sand, Water (the Beach)

Age Range: Mostly 18-25

Cover Charge: US$30

Includes Drinks: Yes


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