El Alebrije Acapulco

A spacious and popular disco with the some of the best dance music in Acapulco, El Alebrije also has the youngest crowd of all Acapulco discos. There are several bar areas for mingling, but most groups get tables in the bleachers (half the disco is stadium seating) and stay there. I have been to El Alebrije around 10 times and have had mixed experiences.

El Alebrije, Acapulco   Cool Art

A couple of drawbacks are: it's sometimes a hassle to get a table, even if there are 100 available, and most of the bartenders (not the waiters) pressure you to tip them before they serve you, which is rude. Plus, the mixed drinks are weak and very sweet, and it can take 30 minutes to get a drink when it is crowded. So if you get a table you will be stuck there, but if you do not get a table you will have problems getting served. Also, the "bouncers" outside behind the golden rope have been very rude and intimidating to female friends of mine. However, the music is excellent, and you will probably have a lot of fun.

Wednesday nights are "Liter Night" at El Alebrije. The cover is only US$5 but does not include open bar - liter drinks cost US$7 (note: their "liter" beers are a little on the small side). The disco is usually pretty empty on Wednesdays, which makes it a great time to go if you want to have virtually the whole club to yourself (it can be fun with a group).

You normally won't find a lot of foreigners in El Alebrije, except during spring break in Acapulco. During spring break almost ALL of the clubs are packed with gringos (and gringas). The Costera and the beaches are basically one giant party, so my ratings and comments become somewhat irrelevant during March of each year.

Location: La Costera, near Costa Azul

Best Night(s): Saturday, Friday

Music: Various Dance (Mostly Mexican Artists), Excellent

Layout: Bleacher Seating, Bars, Several Dance Floors

Show: Occasionally (Maxim Magazine, bikini contests, etc.)

View: N/A

Age Range: Late Teens, Early 20's

Cover Charge: US$36 (guys), US$26 (girls)

Includes Drinks: Yes

EL ALEBRIJE Ratings (+1 parrot if you are under 21)

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