Acapulco Attractions, Sights, and Activities

If you are new to Acapulco and do not want to miss out on the main attractions the city has to offer, be sure to visit our tours page. Too often, vacationers to Acapulco get caught up in the nightlife and never see or experience many fun activities. Do yourself a favor and make plans for at least one tour before you arrive. We have information for the best tours in Acapulco at reasonable prices, plus you can make your reservations online on our site.

In addition to the attractions, sights, and activities on this page, you should visit the sports & golf and special events pages for more fun things to do in Acapulco. If you plan to go out at night, be sure to check out reviews and photos of the city's many bars and discos.

Acapulco Sights

Cliff Divers: The cliff divers ("Clavadistas") are perhaps Acapulco's most well known attraction. Head on over to La Quebrada at 1:00 pm to see their breathtaking dives, or enjoy drinks and dinner and a repeat show in the evening. Take the Cliff Divers Tour.

Fort of San Diego: Read more about it on the Acapulco history page. Touring the Fort takes around 1-2 hours, and the museum has some interesting exhibits. Good for the family. You can also see the Fort and other sights in Acapulco on the Historical Tour.

Zocalo: The main public square and center of the "old" (original) part of Acapulco. For tourism purposes, Sundays are the best day to visit. There are plenty of places to eat and shop in Zocalo. This section of town deserves more coverage than I currently have on Travel Acapulco, and so I plan to explore this part of the city more in the future. This area seems to be especially popular with Canadian tourists.

Acapulco Thrills

Bungy Jumping: Located in La Condesa among the main strip and many bars, look up when you see a large crowd gathered on the sidewalk. US$50 (+$20 for a video or photos of your jump). Warning: The cord broke in 2008 but luckily the jumper was unhurt.

Parasailing: Go to Condesa beach and look up. Rides should only cost you US$20.

Acapulco Attractions   Balloon Rides: More of a tethered, up-and-down balloon ride for a commanding view of the bay. Rides are reasonably priced at US$10 per person.

Skycoaster: A giant swing, located on the beach near the giant balloon. Rides are US$15.

The Best Views in Acapulco

Barra de Coyuca: Head on over to Pie de la Cuesta for the sunset. Barra de Coyuca is the point where the bay meets the lagoon. It's an adventure to get there, but it is a magical place.

Las Brisas: Many of the best restaurants and night clubs are located on the hills in Las Brisas. On the top of the mountain there is also a huge cross at the "Chapel of Peace".

Water Parks in Acapulco

Cici: A water park which is fun for kids and the family, located along the Costera near Costa Azul (next to Planet Hollywood and the Hard Rock Cafe). You can also swim with the dolphins.

*Tip for families: Go to a Mexicana grocery store, buy something and ask the clerk to stamp your receipt. You'll get a 2for1 or maybe a 3for1 discount entrance fee for the water park. *from duamtherrien on our forum
  Acapulco Activities

El Castillo de Los Moyis: A new, themed water park in Pie de la Cuesta. Make a day out of visiting Pie de la Cuesta and enjoy the beach, waterpark, restaurants, and sunset.

Acapulco Parks

Papagayo: Probably not worth the trip, except to visit B & B Jewelers. There's a small carnival with rides, but don't expect Disney World. There's also a very, very small zoo.