About the Travel Acapulco Guide

Your Guide to Acapulco   Welcome to my guide to Acapulco, which doubles as my travelogue. I am the author and webmaster of this site and have been living in the city for over five years. As an insider who experiences life in Acapulco on a daily basis as a "gringo", I pledge to give you my sincere opinions and advice (the "Inside Scoop") about the city. While I do accept advertisements on this site, my reviews and ratings are genuine and I stand by them. If you disagree with them, you can always stop by and give me a piece of your mind ;)

My goal for this website is to be the most complete, honest, and useful travel guide for this popular vacation destination in Mexico. I add to the guide on a daily basis, so if you enjoy the site, check back often for updates!

It's Not a Generic Guide to Acapulco

This guide is NOT a boilerplate, corporate travel site designed for the sole purpose of selling the products and services of its advertisers. It is also NOT a copy of the local yellow pages directory. If that is what you are looking for, you can visit just about any other travel site about Acapulco. There are very few useful sites written and designed by actual residents of Acapulco, and only one other that provides as many details and real opinions such as this one ("Real Acapulco").   Pirates in Acapulco

The guide includes sections covering the necessary arrangements for planning your trip (including a comprehensive directory of accommodations integrated with the best sites for making your hotel reservations online), my personal reviews of popular activities as well as those you might otherwise overlook, and general tips for making the most out of your stay, whether it is for a weekend or for an extended visit. I am also working with several trusted local realtors in case you are considering renting or buying a home in Acapulco.